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    We provide Site Inspection services
    for lakefront and ravine properties.
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    Architects, Landscapers,
    & Municipal Partners

    Developing coastal properties
    requires special planning.
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    With more than 30 years of experience building beaches, Shabica & Associates is prepared to work with you to help to provide a sustainable beach for private and public lands with the goal of increasing the environmental quality, stability, usability and value of coastal property.

    Homeowners and Realtors

    Lakefront and ravine properties are valuable resources that require stewardship and preservation. While these unique riparian landscapes provide breathtaking scenery and serene privacy, they can also contain hidden risks when they are not maintained or monitored properly. Erosion poses the most common hazard and is usually attributed to changing lake levels, stormwave action, or higher levels of stormwater runoff due to hard surfaces such as roads, parking lots, driveways and roofs. All of these conditions can be addressed with proper due diligence. And if a property is being developed, addressing them early in the construction process can save money.

    Shabica & Associates can conduct a site inspection by walking the property with you to help assess the property’s level of stability, identify any concerns regarding existing structures, and provide options to improve the stability and usability of the shoreline or ravine. Our extensive historic records and knowledge of the state and federal regulations regarding options for the shoreline can make the difference between a good lakefront site and a great one.
    A Site Inspection Report addresses and evaluates:

    • Long vs short term stability of the tableland, bluff and lakefront
    • Cost estimates to help stabilize, maintain and improve the shoreline


    For homeowners who are interested in attaining LEED Green Home designation, Shabica & Associates can assist you with the submittal. Our work often qualifies for credits under the Neighborhood Development and Specific categories.


    Architects, Landscapers, Municipal Partners

    Developing coastal properties takes special planning. Shabica & Associates partners with architectural, engineering, and landscaping professionals, as well as municipal governments. Shabica & Associates has extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations regarding building structures in the steep slope zone, boat houses, piers, and beaches. Our knowledge can help your team move in the right direction regarding appropriate placement, engineering and permitting through the ever-changing permit regulations.

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    Our work in the Great Lakes & internationally includes

    • Beach Design & Coastal Restoration
    • Residential Site Inspections & Monitoring in Coastal & Ravine Areas
    • Bluff Stabilization & Ecological Restoration
    • Ravine Stabilization & Ecological Restoration
    • Marina Design & Layout
    • Sustainability & Green Building strategies

    Shabica & Associates