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    We provide Site Inspection services
    for lakefront and ravine properties.
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    Developing coastal properties
    requires special planning.
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    Shabica & Associates is an internationally recognized coastal consulting firm that partners with clients on projects related to a wide spectrum of land use issues related to beachfront and ravine property.

    Based in the Chicago area, Shabica & Associates has been in business for more than 30 years. In simple terms, we help build beaches and restore ravines. Working in environmentally sensitive areas, the firm specializes in design, coastal engineering, permitting, construction observation, and project management for coastal and steep slope stabilization, as well as research in this highly specialized field.

    Our work in the Great Lakes area and internationally includes:

    • Beach Design & Coastal Restoration
    • Residential Site Inspections & Monitoring in Coastal & Ravine Areas
    • Bluff Stabilization & Ecological Restoration
    • Ravine Stabilization & Ecological Restoration
    • Marina Design & Planning
    • Sustainability & Green Building Consulting
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    Shabica & Associates